Your Device. Your Identity. Your Voice.

What is Vispr?

VISPR is a Voice Identification System for user Profile Retrieval.

As voice-controlled devices become more and more common place, the problem of background noise causing command errors has still not been fully addressed. Just try talking to your smart speaker from across the room while it is playing music–it’s impossible. Using our proprietary Voice DNA tracking technology, Yobe has developed a voice solution that, for practical purposes, is impervious to noise and other interfering voices.

The Results

The effectiveness of our DNA tracking solution allows for reduced wake-word and speech recognition errors (up to an error decrease of 85%) in far-field and high noise environments.   One of the byproducts of tracking voice DNA is speaker identification. Using just a wake-word (i.e. Alexa, Siri, Ok Google) VISPR has the ability to retrieve user profiles and permission associated with a “ voice linked” user and conversely limit non-linked (unauthorized) users access to device functions.

Your device knows your identity by hearing your voicewe make that possible in any environment.

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